1. The instructors were so nice and welcoming.
    They mentioned some things I needed to fix during my poses without being condescending or embarrassing.
  2. The poses were easy but in the 105 degree heat they become difficult.
  3. I've never sweated so much in my life
    I think actual fat was coming out of the pores in my legs. (Gross but cool)
  4. About halfway through the class I was really in the zone.
    My breaths were like SUPER deep which really relaxed me and helped me to calm my racing thoughts.
  5. I ate a salad about a half hour after the class and got super full.
    I think I just need water the rest of the day
  6. One girl was dripping buckets. Like it looked like that part in the movie Airplane when Striker is sweating profusely
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  7. I can see why people get hooked on these classes.
    You get so into what you're doing. I felt great after the class. Soaked with sweat but good.
  8. I could definitely go again