1. I can't wait for my mimosa bar
  2. Why are they packing 800 students in this small gym right now so early in the morning
  3. I'm sweating. I can't wear this robe.
  4. My cap is so pretty
  5. I'm starving but can't eat for 4 more hours. Hopefully I don't pass out like kids used to during school masses in middle school. Talk about a full nurse's office
  6. Thigh sweat. Between boob sweat. Under boob sweat. Armpit sweat.
  7. Walking, walking, walking, oh gym full of people.
  8. Hey it's my family in the crowd. I know them.
  9. Sitting in my seat. There's a nice airflow here.
  10. Graduated.
  11. This is taking so long and I was only in the first quarter of people called.
  12. Done. Time to take some pictures.
    Drinking champagne in front of cop cars. Oops.
  13. So many foods and mimosa.
  14. Fat babies at my house!!
  15. Oh my god I'm so tired. I need sleep.