Okay, so, I differentiate between happiness and joy. Joy comes from my Lord, and it is not dependent upon my circumstance. HOWEVER! There are plenty of little things that make me feel happy. They are these.
  1. New episodes of my favorite tv shows and podcasts
    Warm fuzzies, big time
  2. When salted caramel actually tastes like salted caramel, and not just regular caramel
    There is a big, and important, difference!
  3. When it's raining and I have no where to be but my couch
  4. Food magazines with beautiful pictures
  5. Good 80s & 90s music
  6. Bad 80s & 90s music
  7. When my husband sings hilariously wrong lyrics to songs
    He usually knows it's wrong and does not care and it's both infuriating and delightful
  8. The day when you realize your cold is basically gone
  9. Metallic colored things
  10. When my kids are legitimately funny
    I feel super proud when they make a good joke or display on-point physical comedy
  11. Condiments and sauces
  12. Haiku poetry
    Most poetry, actually