1. 🎤 Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop This Feeling
  2. 👗 Boohoo, a new site to shop
    I'm tired of my usual selection of places to shop. I found a list of 50 cheap places to shop online. The majority I either already shop at, had really ugly clothes, or were not cheap in my opinion. The day I shopped happened to be 50% off dresses and tops, so I'm still excited at the prospect. Everything came in (I bought a ton) and most of them are keepers!
  3. 💑 The boyfriend
    Flowers and candy at work AND breakfast in bed. I'm a lucky girl. Sunday funday adventures all day in the city
  4. 🍾 The Bedford
    Burgers and beers in a bank vault. And comedy. And seeing a former classmate. Pretty awesome. Glad I finally got to go!
  5. 🎧 Sia - Cheap Thrills
  6. 💸 New socks. And flip flops. And shorts. And earrings.
    I haven't shopped at Aeropostale since HS but I saw a sign for $3 tanks so I walked in. $4 flip flops. Buy one, get two jewelry. I thought it was cause the store was closing but no, just caught a good sale.
  7. 🌮 Latinicity for Sunday Brunch
    All you can eat cafeteria-style Latin-inspired brunch food with 2 cocktails for $25? I ate so many things
  8. 🍧 Boba (There should really be an emoji for this)
    Took the water taxi to Chinatown yesterday and had to get some bubble tea. Weather is even Warner today and I'm already thinking of getting another boba down the street.
  9. 🎶 Drake - One Dance
    But who isn't into this song right now?
  10. 👗 New-to-me Sundresses
    Summer weather is finally here. Thank you thrift store!