1. Running late
    I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning.
  2. Forgetting to text my aunt by yesterday
    I'm sorry. I'm usually better at that.
  3. Whether or not I call my mom enough
    Two of my coworkers' mothers passed away last night.
  4. If someone would sneak up on me while I was on my phone
    Not really because I know I shouldn't be on it, but more so because I was looking at over-the-knee socks on Amazon and that's kind of weird.
  5. Various work worries
    Nothing particularly interesting, and yet pretty much going through my head daily.
  6. Is that weird smell me!?!
    Sniff check: pass. Not me.
  7. Should I write down some of my stories should I need to write a biography one day? How do these people remember all these details?
    Currently listening to Sarah Bareilles read her book to me
  8. No one is going to want to read a book about me
    Sad face.
  9. Do people find exclamation points in emails ditzy?
  10. Where I should get ready for the bar crawl tomorrow and other crawl logistics
  11. I hate that it's super quiet in here when I need to call my gynecologist
  12. Of course someone has to walk into the bathroom as I'm trying to call.
    Now I look like a weirdo playing with my phone at the mirror
  13. I can't believe I'll be 31 next week.
    I don't feel 31. Do I look 31?
  14. I hope my boyfriend doesn't forget my birthday this year
  15. I am eating this Halloween candy at an alarming rate
  16. It's not even 3PM and all these things are going on in my head!!! How many worries are too many worries?
    Do I have anxiety?