A new Kroger opened less than a mile from my house and needless to say, it's not been good for the wallet.
  1. Growler of beer
    No, it's not cheaper and they sell the same stuff right next to the bar but it looks cooler in the fridge.
  2. Organic veggies
    Ok, so I try to stick to the dirty dozen/clean 15 list but everything on that market stand looks amazing and sounds better when listed as locally grown.
  3. Fancy cheese
    Because you can't have too many varieties on hand and you never know when you'll need to whip up some fondue, grilled cheeses or smear it with fancy preserves on crackers.
  4. Baby food squeezies
    I don't even need this stuff. Little man eats all our food. But there's something about having these on hand that makes me feel better.
  5. Makeup item
    Rarely wear makeup these days, doesn't matter. Definitely need that shade of eye shadow slightly off from the dozen at home right now. Maybe this mascara will do something different that the others can't...
  6. Nail polish
    See above.
  7. Organic chicken thighs
    We eat them a lot. They have more flavor than the breasts and aren't so large you wonder what they've been pumped full of.
  8. Starbucks drink
    Such the cliche thing to have while daytime shopping with the baby.
  9. LaCroix sparkling water
    Lemon flavor, please.
  10. Some random clothing/household item
    I mean, have you been to a new Kroger? I could seriously buy everything necessary for my house there. Maybe their clothing aisle isn't where I'll learn about new fashion but they've got cute onesies and basic sports bras down.