I'll update this one as frequently as I can remember to. Feel free to add yours to this list!
  1. 10.18.15: "Kit Harrington is related to this guy named John Harrington who invented the toilet." -Amy
  2. 11.3.15: "That's because you always look like you're about to take pics for a fashion blog." -Jen aka my new best friend 😉
  3. 11.6.15: "Wanna get some waffles?" -Chris
    Any time anyone texts me about getting food it's the best text of the day. 😉
  4. 11.16.15: "I am finished for the day. Wish we could be hanging out and watching some Chuck." -Tyler
    Music to my ears! One of my fave people wants to watch one of my fave shows with me! ❤️
  5. 11.18.15: "I picked all of you girls because I love you for who you are and not how you look. You can gain 100 lbs, cover yourself in tattoos or shave your head. Wouldn't make a difference to me :-)" -Kristin
    A response from one of my best friends when I asked her if she'd mind if I had peach highlights in my hair for her wedding. ❤️