This is a list that could probably go on forever. I'll *try* my best to keep it short...ish. 😉
  1. My amazing & adorable niece.
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  2. My puppies.
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  3. ✨Magic Kingdom aka My Happy Place✨
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  4. Zachary Levi holding a puppy. 😍
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  5. My niece. Again.
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  6. Me kissing a raptor for reasons I cannot currently remember. 😉
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  7. Zeppoles! From NJ!!
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  8. An old pic of my sister and me (I'm on the left).
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  9. One of the NASA Social lanyards I was privileged enough to get to wear this year.
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  10. My niece. This is becoming a theme, isn't it??
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  11. A cupcake one of the kids at GKTW made for me. Sweet.
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