My friend Steve and I took a road trip to see One Direction in Washington DC last July. The List App is just the venue I've been waiting for to share this experience.
  1. Upon Arrival: There is a lot of screaming for every commercial played on the Jumbotron, and a lot of standing for the safety instructions which confused me. Save up your energy ladies!
  2. 7:01pm - Lets hear it for the moms! Getting pumped to Highway to Hell. The young ladies did not understand this song.
  3. 7:22 I contemplated if I were too old to die at a 1D concert as the whole stadium shook when 5SOS sang Teenage Dream.
  4. 7:25 It starts to rain no one is deterred.Steve gives me his raincoat like a true gentleman. Girls refuse to stop snap chatting this event but the Moms all pull out their panchos. Preparedness.
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  5. 7:48 Steve is the lone man in bathroom
  6. 7:50 A herd of women rush into the bathroom yelling that they don't care that it's the men's room.
  7. 7:53 I start to contemplate the 5SOS marketing to rock out with their socks out as I'm surrounded by 13,000+ preteens
  8. 8:15 Steve and I get the news that Robin Williams has passed. We want to share our grief but realize none of these kids have seen Mrs Doubtfire or Flubber so we silently grieve the loss
  9. 8:21 For no explainable reason the whole audience does the Macarena. We're confused but join in. 90% of the audience is learning this dance for the first time. The girl next to me has not a single clue what she is doing. Life has gotten so weird.
  10. 8:30 We try to pump up our section with high fives. They think were weirdos. The audience is soaked.
  11. 8:48 Grease Megamix. We make friends with moms and just feel joyous despite our boys not being on stage yet
  12. 8:49 An excited Mom requests selfie with Steve
  13. 8:52 The show finally begins
  14. 9:00 Despite controversy that Liam has put on weight, Kristin feels some real stirring in her loins when he dances. This marks the exact moment where Zayn goes from being her favorite to Liam
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  15. 9:13 Niall calls us beautiful and says turn down for what. Really appealing to our American spirit.
  16. 9:26 During live while your young Kristin accepts the rain and takes off the raincoat. The music has moved her.
  17. 9:35 the girls in front of us buy light up, flashing sticks. We fear seizures but carry on
  18. 9:42 Kristin works up the courage to ask the girl next to her who her favorite is, the answer is Harry.
  19. 9:43 The screen captures a beautiful moment of Harry in the rain and Steve loses his mind. #noshame
  20. 9:56 The boys sing Happy Birthday to Caroline and my heart explodes for her. I am both wildly jealous, and so happy for her.
  21. 10:25 They mark this as their favorite stop on the tour, Kristin looks past this obvious ass kissing and screams as loud as humanly possible
  22. 10:31 Harry thanks the Moms. Our "Let's hear it for the Moms" chant feels validated.
  23. 10:36 The fun ends and the sinking fear of getting on the metro with thousands of girls sinks in.
  24. 10:40 Steve nearly encites a riot as he encourages everyone to sing best song ever on the escalators to the metro. The metro is frighteningly full
  25. 11:20 Kristin and Steve cheers with a Georgetown Cupcake. Success
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