We could take meaningful steps to reduce gun violence. Here are some of them. For more background read my columns, "On Guns, We're Not Even Trying" (http://nyti.ms/1Sy4wzn) and "A New Way to Tackle Gun Deaths" (http://nyti.ms/1RlLP1G).
  1. Ban on possession of guns by anyone subject to a domestic violence restraining order.
  2. Ban on possession of guns for 10 years by anyone with a record of an alcohol- or narcotics-related offense.
  3. National ban on possession of handguns by anyone under 21.
  4. Universal background checks for all firearms acquisitions.
  5. Limit of two purchases of guns a month by any person.
  6. Ban on gun purchases by anyone on the terrorism watch list.
  7. U.S. military research into “smart guns” and purchases of them, to give a boost to the smart gun industry.
  8. Crackdown on gun dealers who help straw purchasers and funnel weapons to gangs and criminals