There is nothing I dislike more than affected speech so I'll stick to my own accent I suppose. I can daydream, though.
  1. William F. Buckley, Jr.
    I am not ashamed to admit that I regularly listen to YouTube videos of WFBJr. just for the aural delight of his manufactured accent. Of course a lot of his politics were kind of extreme, but his manner of speech was exquisite.
  2. Gore vidal
    High point is the Vidal-Buckley debate/argument during the '68 Democratic convention. Both of my favourites in the same room insulting each other. So much fun.
  3. Jude Law
    Not sure if he speaks differently in different films, but I am thinking mostly about GATTACA. Favourite film.
  4. Timothy Dalton
    I mean any Bond I guess
  5. Heath Ledger
    Not even sure. I think he was Australian. Australian accents can be either soothing or really jarring and I feel like he had the posh, polished kind.
  6. Pretty much any actor who speaks with an American accent in film and then is revealed to be foreign by way of seeing them in some non-film setting/interview
    It's like a magic trick that doesn't get old! I could never fake any accent and expect to be anything other than laughed at.