(Or try to take). Paraphrased and provided without comment
  1. The public is fickle and cruel. Lead a good, private life.
  2. When you look at a company and your position within it, ask where the money is coming from. Companies reward people who make money for them, no matter what they tell those who work in supporting roles.
  3. Customers have no idea what they want until they've seen it. Never listen to them when deciding what to do/make.
  4. Don't make plans that preclude you from siezing unexpected opportunities.
  5. This too shall pass
  6. Life is long. Play the long game.
  7. Complex financial products do no better in the long-run than a diversified portfolio of 5-10 individual equities
  8. Never talk candidly to a journalist
  9. The Quetico will change your life
  10. Every bit of ink on a page must have a meaning. If it carries no meaning, delete it.
  11. Don't worry about your cholesterol