I intend for my magnum opus to be a ranking of the films, but this will have to do in the interim.
  1. Timothy Dalton
    Controversial pick, yes. Still love The Living Daylights. The first Bond to develop to mystery and self loathing. Plus I like A-ha. Sorry, weird choice. But this is my list goddamnit.
  2. Daniel Craig
    Newbie is trying hard and it shows. A for effort.
  3. Sean Connery
    What can be said? The classic.
  4. George Lazenby
    Would be higher on the list of he had managed to appear more than once.
  5. Pierce Brosnan
    Doomed by the terrible nature of the films he was in. Christmas only comes once a year? Low point.
  6. Roger Moore
    The truth hurts, and the truth is that Roger Moore was too old to play Bond. The first time. Some good films in this era, however.