I will add more maybe
  1. Waterford
    Sit in the courtyard which has nice views. You can do a wine & choc. pairing which is profoundly stupid but they give you four pieces of chocolate which you can eat so there.
  2. Dornier
    Cool modern architecture of the cellar for you to gram. Actually going inside the cool modern architecture is verboten but it's run by Swiss Germans so it should surprise no one that there is a masochistic element.
  3. Waterkloof
    Excellent views of Somerset West. Comically expensive and showy cellar.
  4. Remhoogte
    Bias because these guys are my buddies. Relaxed vibe. They have some game animals so you can take a faraway picture of a zebra and tell all your friends you went on safari when you really spent the whole trip drinking wine.
  5. Noble Hill
    Extreme bias on this one, but we love visitors! Come say hi and taste some wine. Grab a blanket and take a nap by the dam.
  6. Anthonij Rupert/L'Omarins
    Selling cigarettes is very lucrative. Bask in the capitalist splendor that results from realizing and acting upon this. The wine is good too.
  7. Maison
    Haven't been myself, but heard nice things. Stylish in a "this winery is owned by a furniture designer" way.