PHP stands for Php: Hypertext Processor. Recursion! I love programming unashamedly. I also love PHP despite it being one of the world's most despised programming languages.
  1. //Let's send some statements! //it's going to be fun!
    The motivational comment is really growing on me. Starts my day off nicely and keeps me feeling like a man with a purpose when debugging fucking semicolons and bullshit.
  2. //Not yet implemented
    I.e. I will never do this, this feature is a comically unachievable pipe dream
  3. //Time is in the future
    Transcends the motivational comment for totalism
  4. //This accounts for the fact that we might be two returns deep
    I still have no real idea what this means or if it works, how it works. I just copy paste the gibberish that follows where I feel it could possibly be useful and hope for the best. Not a good sign if you wrote it.
  5. //You can't make wine
    Not in a downtrodden, self-deprecating way: in a stock-control, 10 liters cannot become 20 liters way
  6. //ugh
    These usually get deleted eventually, things that I am either frustrated with or just do not want to do and am procrastinating on.