Thanks @list
  1. In my mind you are pensive, quiet, and brilliant. You write things. You forage for berries in the wilderness. You may already know the ending.
  2. If I lived in the Southeast United States, I feel like we would be friends. I would play the intro/outro music for Adult Swim every time we hung out. You would quickly get sick of it.
  3. In my head Dave digs the low base and the esoteric song choice and is very stylish.
  4. In my imagination V.P. has intimidating facial hair. He eats a really strict but not bullshit diet.
  5. Alex reminds me that technology is human, and that relationships are interpersonal. Also that doctors are terrifying and that I am afraid of medicine (coughs).
  6. In my view of List App, sits in a You Only Live Twice -style boardroom watching lists while stroking a kitty. Does not tolerate failure.