I am a cheap motherfucker. Except for posh hotels. Love them. Herewith my life savings.
  1. Park Hyatt Tokyo
    If you're going to stay in a hotel; it is a big bonus that said hotel reminds you of your favorite movie at every turn. Fantastic gym/spa.
  2. The Standard Highline
    My advice: ignore the people (they are largely annoying euro-tourists, B&T folk, and the worst kinds of the aspiring creative classes). The facility is, however, superb.
  3. The One and Only Cape Town
    Super nice pool. Could hang out there for weeks. 206 is the room number I give to get into the pool when I am not staying there and as of yet no one seems to have caught on.
  4. Mont Cervin Palace Zermatt
    Fluffiest bed coverings. Still hate fondue though.
  5. Kulm Hotel St. Moritz
    A toasty pool with a view of frigid mountains.
  6. Valle Nevado Chile
    Again with the toasty pool. Can not get enough.
  7. Park Hyatt Ningbo
    Comical communism. China, designed in Chicago. Honestly just go here for the humor value. Don't miss the lounge band or the emperor-style swimming pavilion.
  8. Raleigh Maimi
    Miami, but less plastic.
  9. Parrot Cay Turks & Caicos
    Fulfilled my fantasy of having my own electric golf cart.
  10. Hotel Americano New York
    Tiny rooms but an underrated rooftop bar/pool and best huevos rancheros I've had in NYC
  11. St. Regis Aspen
    I only remember the delicious room service.
  12. Le Mélézin Courcheval
    This place is serious. Definitely not going back here on my own dime.
  13. Lausanne Palace Hotel
    Stayed here once a month when I was a teenager while I had braces. That is another story. Tasty breakfast.
  14. Wynn Las Vegas
    Hmm, not sure. Reasons for this hotel making this list are not P.G.
  15. Park Hyatt Washington DC
    One $26 martini and I am good for the night. Crazy huge rooms and unobtrusive staff mean party time.
  16. Estalagem da Ponta do Sol Madeira
    In hindsight I was quite depressed while staying here but there are great views, hiking, and friendly goats. People on Madeira drive like lunatics. I am seriously surprised they have not all died in car accidents.
  17. Morgan's Rock Nicaragua
    Baby sea turtles and run-walk-racing the maybe facist German manageress on her morning hike.
  18. Round Hill Montego Bay
    On a man date with a platonic man friend. Stayed on the set of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." Unclear.
  19. The Zetter London
    I was mostly blackout drunk during this period.
  20. Mandarin Oriental New York
    The nuts in the bar are very tasty.