1. Are colourful dust parties independently popular or organized by a central committee?
  2. Do the organizers of the colourful dust parties create a different palette for each party or is there a set color standard?
    Pantone, RGB, or CMYK?
  3. Where does the dust come from? Is it local to the party, or produced centrally somewhere in Central Asia?
  4. What is the most popular colour of colourful dust?
  5. Is the colourful dust sprayed into the air en masse like confetti or do participants throw it on each other like la tomatina?
  6. Are there activities that go particularly well with being covered in colourful dust?
  7. If you are covered in an unflattering colour of coloured dust, do you get a raincheck?
  8. After achieving the heightened sense of presence and humanity that being covered in colourful dust affords, how do you successfully re-acclimate to quotidian existence?
  9. [update] Is it flammable?