List therapy time
  1. Where are you from?
    I was born in Nebraska, grew up in Nigeria, went to university in Boston, worked in New York and Chicago, and live in South Africa. Pick one. None of it has anything to do with the present.
  2. Did you make wine in Napa?
    Firstly, California is more than Napa. Secondly, no. Because I am American and make wine does not mean I trained in Napa.
  3. Did you study winemaking?
    Did you study working in a fucking cubicle?
  4. Why don't you make Pinotage/Chenin Blanc/pick one?
    Because I don't. I should not have to justify every thing I do not do. I do not do many things.
  5. Are you the winemaker?
    Shut up, taste the wine, and decide if you like it. The person who made it is irrelevant. I lead a vineyard and cellar team one of whose core values is humility.
  6. What is the [esoteric analytic value] of this wine?
    This one is on the edge. I might know/remember, I might not. The fact that I might refer back to the tasting notes to check does not mean I am clueless. I am not Rainman. If I don't know, don't guess and tell me your opinion. I don't care. It's like trying to guess the fucking temperature, i.e. boring.