1. You called me at like 2am from downtown Boston and needed a ride and when I showed up to pick you up you tried to gift me a trash bag full of shoes?
    I guess now this is called Uber
  2. We used to drive to New York and would arrive at like 3 am then leave the next day at noon, for no obvious reason except to leave campus
  3. We went on a pilgrimage to Putoshan and each brought what can only be described as the most thoroughly appropriate foodstuffs, toast for the fish and a single orange?
  4. Liz would open-mouth cry outside the front door to the dorm on a roughly daily basis
  5. Lewis and you made the most intensely complicated panzanella salad on Peaks
  6. We drove past approximately 30 crashed cars during a blizzard in order to ski fresh pow
  7. Yay friend