1. Rosé is a lightly coloured wine made from allowing the juice from red grapes to remain in contact with the skins of the grape for a short period
  2. The type of grape and length of time of exposure to the skin are the major determining factors of the colour
  3. Some colours of rosé are salmon, orange peel, periwinkle, pink, strawberry
  4. Saignée is a subset of rosé where juice is bled off of red wine early during fermentation, thus further concentrating the red and yielding a rosé as a bonus wine
  5. Some people think they can make rosé by blending white and red wines, and they are fools
  6. Stop calling rosé blanc de noir to make it sound fancy. This is dumb. Blanc de noir is a white wine or very light wine made from a red grape. It should not have a discernible rosé hue.
    This is really upsetting me right now
  7. Brosé is rosé that you can bro out with
  8. Rozay is rosé that really loves Taylor Swift and wants you to know about it
  9. Rosé is best served on a yacht
  10. Failing that, chilled