Some photos stolen from @miamabanta, who rocks
  1. The curvy wall that extends into the pond
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    Can I just say that this is a controversial choice insofar as my last visit company was convinced that this was not a sculpture at all but a piece of wayfinding
  2. The graffitied items indicating what is "not art"
  3. The thin rectangular prisms jutting out from a hillside
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  4. The Calder that looks like a giant friendly dog when you stand under it
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  5. 4 square rectangular prisms in a row
  6. Motorcycles in the parking lot
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  7. The satellite hiding behind trees by the highway
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  8. The rolling hills
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    Very cool but frankly cold and distant when people are prohibited from walking on them
  9. The cafeteria
    Actually a performance art piece about the expensive, unsatisfactory, and inept nature of museum cafeterias
  10. The tall twisty one that looks like it's two metal poles swaying in the breeze but it's actually motorized.
    Suggested by @alibaron