Definitely the laziest recipe I have posted here, but it was tasty and it was the first time that I remembered to take a photo, so there's that.
  1. One store-bought roti
    Or like a pita would be fine too
  2. Some shaved turkey
  3. Some sliced buffalo mozzarella
    I am still not clear whether it comes from Buffaloes or cows
  4. Chopped up tomatoes with some salt and chili and garlic
    Next time I should more like purée the tomatoes and then strain them to be a bit less watery. Refer to title.
  5. Pesto
  6. Make a pizza-like setup. You know what to do. Bake the object of your abject laziness for a few minutes.
  7. Chopped up basil for garnish
  8. It will be tasty with some brosé
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