Thanks, KPL a.k.a Katzenbach Partners a.k.a. The Katzenbach Center at Booze & Co. a.k.a Strategy& (my former employer), and Edward Tufte. If I can help one poor McKinsey associate get his wings it will all be worthwhile. P.S. I love @list especially all the weird lists.
  1. Lists should show parallelism
    If one item has a specific construction, e.g. verb object, all the items should preferably follow the same construction
  2. Lists should be MECE, that is Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive
    List items should not overlap, and should as a whole reflect the complete set of thoughts about the topic
  3. Bad lists were a primary cause of the Challenger explosion
    No pressure, @list. If they had just made a nice chart instead of a bunch of PPT lists they would have seen that the the whole thing was doomed based on takeoff tempterarure.
  4. Numerical lists should only be used for items which must be construed in sequential order
  5. Lists should not be nested more then three layers deep
    And preferably not more than two layers deep
  6. Lists should follow a thematic progression
    My personal favorite is SCR, Situation, Complication, Resolution. Applies to pretty much everything and makes you look smart.
  7. Punctuation in lists should be consistent
    So I think there are a lot of opinions about periods at the end of list items. I think preferably they are avoided. If the list item requires multiple phrases, consider if the use of a list is appropriate. Whatever you do, for god sakes don't put periods on some list items and not on others you fucking heathen.
  8. List headers should be easily visually distinguished from list items
    Still waiting for @list to accept my use of the blink tag
  9. All ink on a page should serve a meaning, ink without a meaning is evil