Drawn primarily from the Virgin Active Paarl. Suggestions gladly accepted.
  1. Men whose huge legs inhibit them from walking normally
  2. Texting between sets
  3. Couples working out together for whom one partner's physical appearance appears to be both partners' singular focus in life
  4. Eating junk food on the elliptical
  5. Conspicuously lifting up your shirt or shorts to examine yourself in the mirror
  6. Comically large biceps on men who are ostensibly unable to engage in meaningful physical activity
  7. Texting from the treadmill
    Arghh no! I do this!
  8. Putting your goddamn towel on equipment that you then neglect to use for a fucking half an hour
  9. Wearing a belt, gloves, or other speciality equipment in order to do a squat
  10. Not letting someone work in with you.
    Actually I deem this the most reprehensible practice on this list and feel that perhaps I may have written this whole list to express my strong opinion on this point. Why can't I work in, bru?
  11. Synchronized grunting
  12. Holding equipment for someone other than yourself
  13. Fucking toweling off in front of the full length mirror that is in a narrow passageway. Dude that is a home activity bru.