Many things borrowed/stolen from Mr. Drew Sccaciaferro, who is the man.
  1. Sumo unilateral dumbbell row
  2. Reverse lunge and curl
  3. Single leg sit-to-stand holding plate
  4. Dumbbell squat and overhead press
  5. Unilateral dumbbell overhead press
  6. Standing cable pull with rotation
  7. Reverse lunge plate taise
  8. Walking lunge plate raise
  9. Plate rotations around head
  10. Tall kneeling cable pulldown
  11. Farmer's walk
  12. Cable woodchops
  13. Plate push
  14. Jump split squat
  15. Dumbbell row push-up
  16. Hip hyperextension with alternating dumbbell front raise
  17. Walking lunge with curl and dwell overhead press