1. OMG @jmmarsh if you don't give me some love for hooking us up with marginally workable statement auto-delivery system today I am going to die
  2. I bet @jmmarsh is riding on some cute fucking pony or like getting a massage from three super hot gymnast chicks right now. God I hate him
  3. I wonder if I should figure out how to friend @jmmarsh on Waze
  4. What do you do when you want to give someone a shoutout on Waze but don't need directions anywhere?
  5. @jmmarsh is not going to enjoy the tedious process of getting the accounts of the shitheads who pay us like they have never run a business before in order
    I hope I can subtly suggest somehow that he do it so that I don't have to
  6. I wonder if Watson would be friendly with (a) goat(s)
  7. I wonder if goats are fun pets
  8. I wonder if there is a way to hang out with (a) goat(s) on a trial basis, longer than just an encounter, shorter than full-on ownership, where I could trial whether or not I would enjoy the long term companionship of a goat