This turned out pretty tasty. Not something you should make to wow guests but definitely going into my tasty ways to feed myself repertoire.
  1. Chop up a bunch of spring onions and garlic and start hearing it up in a sauté pan with some dry paprika spice and some salt and dry mustard seed and stuff
  2. After that's smelling tasty, add some tomato sauce, but not too mcuh
  3. Throw in some dry vegetable stock and other stuff if you feel like it
  4. Get that going in kind of a low simmery boil and then add some diced chicken
    Some other protein would probably be classier and tastier but I am simple
  5. Put some rice on in a separate pot and make according to manufacturer's specification
    If I do this again I'm using brown rice
  6. As the chicken stew thing cooks down add in a can of tomatoes and some chopped up broccoli stems
  7. It's done when the chicken is cooked and the broccoli is not hard
  8. I'm having mine with Viognier! Tasty.
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