1. Well this is a good question
  2. I definitely feel listblock; I am sorry my list writing has fallen off a cliff
  3. I did also fall off a cliff
  4. A rocky one
  5. +/- 10m
  6. I broke my femur
  7. And my elbow
  8. And I was in hospital for a week or so
  9. Two surgeries later I am back at home and slowly recovering
  10. I was in the news! Although I cannot say I was really looking forward to being in the news for requiring a helicopter rescue
  11. Trying hard to stay positive and have a good attitude and get a little bit better every day
  12. So far I feel good about my progress and am swimming every day which makes me feel good
  13. I am just frustrated that I start to feel really shitty if I don't take my pain medication, but I don't want to over-rely on it
  14. But yeah I am just trying to move and stretch and I hope my doc will let me stop using a crutch in another two weeks
  15. Physio says maybe I could be able to run again in 6 months or so, so that is good
  16. I watched the new James Bond movie
  17. My poor assistant is doing all my work; I feel like such a lazy do-nothing at work because I can't climb ladders on the tanks or get on top of the press or do much in the winery except know what to do
  18. I hope she loves me for my brain; because it's sort of all I am contributing this harvest
  19. I feel very honoured to have received a list request; thanks! I love lists.
  20. Getting better every day!