1. Jim
    No explanation needed
  2. Paul Jeff Linsey Miles Sam Chelsea Roy Zach
  3. Being nice to people
  4. My friends
    Old and new, young and old, I treasure all my friends
  5. Knowing we'll soon be grandparents to a little guy.
  6. Knitting
  7. Sleeping
  8. Working out at OrangeTheory
    Actually I hate it but I also like it
  9. Sewing
  10. Apples
  11. Children
    They're brilkiant
  12. My siblings Curt Mark Eric Kara and Karl
    We survived and thrived
  13. Walking
  14. Listening to podcasts
    My favorite: This American Life. So many others!
  15. Making anything I can make even if it's not so great
  16. The ocean
  17. Fresh food
  18. Unexpected gatherings with friends
  19. Feeling in sync
  20. Nurse Jackie
  21. Chardonnay
  22. Losing a pound or two
  23. Dogs
  24. Helping people
  25. Giving things away to people when they like things
  26. Craft fairs
  27. Crystals
    Thanks Holly
  28. Garage sales
  29. Holding babies
  30. Buying yaen
  31. Having young people visit and stay with us
  32. Hoses
  33. Instagram
  34. Throwing parties for people I love
  35. Cora
    She doesn't love just anyone but she loves me
  36. The Fish Shop in PB
  37. Not being on airplanes
  38. True loce
  39. Getting calls or Texts from any of my kids
  40. My LazYBoy sofas
  41. James taylor
  42. Good movoes
  43. PEZ
  44. Measuring devices
    Especially old yardsticks
  45. Going to church on occasion
  46. Saying hi to strangers
  47. Being open minded as best I can be
  48. Not feeling scared
  49. Books
  50. Texting
  51. Salt
  52. Fresh tomatoes off the vine
  53. Napa Valley
  54. Challenged Athletes Foundation
  55. Being kind to soldiers stationed overseas
  56. Young people
  57. Having my closet semi-organized
  58. Making new acquaintances
  59. Crafting
  60. Drinking wine
  61. Listening to Julie Mason on POTUS On Sirius XM
  62. Being close to my siblings
  63. Making creative packages to send to people
  64. Wasting time online
  65. Writing to politicians when stuff bugs me
  66. Hearing what people think
  67. New sherts
  68. My neohews
  69. The Aztecs
  70. Weddkngs
  71. Feeding the birds in my back yard
  72. Being friends with my husband's former wife and her husband.
    Genuine friends
  73. Sunhala
    Especially with friends
  74. Growing siccilents
  75. Good and cheap jewelry
  76. New outfits
  77. Cashmerw
  78. Politics
  79. Cleaning my office and craft room
  80. Music
    Most everything. Not jazz.
  81. Volunteering in classrooms.
    Little darlings!
  82. I'll think of more.