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  1. It's okay. Take a deep breath.
  2. I know you feel like you're drowning, but I promise you know how to swim.
  3. Don't over think it.
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  1. Pickles
    What can I say? I LOVE PICKLES.
  2. Nirvana/Kurt Cobain
    It's to the point where people post on my Facebook every time something about Kurt pops up in their feed.
  3. French Fries
    My one true weakness; a staple in my diet.
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  1. Facebook just informed me that on May 19th, 2016 we gathered to read our lists to each other at a small coffee house in Atlanta.
  2. I'm just... so thankful.
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  1. I got to the red wedding episode of Game of Thrones.
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  1. I marched because I believe in SCIENCE not SILENCE.
  2. I marched because climate change exists.
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  1. Finding a rental house for July.
    The struggle is real in Dahlonega.
  2. Money.
    My direct deposit didn't go through, and my work study jobs ends May 5th.
  3. Fuuuuuuture.
    I'm graduating this time next year. I have internships lined up, but I have to apply for grown up jobs before too long. What?
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Dahlonega, GA. 4-6 PM.
  1. So, yesterday morning my little mountain town was in for a shock when we found this sign (and confederate flags) up on a building in the square.
  2. A small protest, led by two strong women, broke out.
  3. Eventually, the sign was taken down. However, the building's owner has picked up an application to the government to have it put back up.
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  1. Intersectional Feminism.
  2. The environment.
  3. Loving refugees & immigrants.
  4. And I'm not a damn snowflake.