1/4 women, 1/30 children, and 1/38 men are survivors of sexual assault.
  1. Did you know that by volunteering for this non-profit, Rape Response Inc, the whole course of my life has changed?
  2. I now know what I want to do, along with still getting my English degree.
  3. I want to love.
  4. My role as a Rape Response advocate is to love.
  5. I help survivors with anything/everything they need.
  6. One weekend (and hopefully more) a month, I am on call.
  7. Survivors can call me, and I also get called to the hospital.
  8. Currently, my RR phone is not ringing, which is great.
    Because less people are getting sexually assaulted.
  9. But when it does, I'll be here.
  10. Side note: I just realized this is my 200th list after I posted it. I have no regrets.