@jaidub you're the bomb for this.
  1. So, I'm still overwhelmed with hype about the Li.st Atlanta meet-up, and I'm sorry if this gets mushy.
  2. Li.st means so much to me, because... well, because I'm home here.
  3. I can express myself in a way I never have before.
  4. Before Li.st, I had anxiety about every Instagram post, Facebook status, or tweet.
    I didn't like to express myself on social media period.
  5. In my generation, your social media persona reflects who you are as a person. As much as I try to escape this, it always followed me around.
  6. Li.st gave me a place to connect with not only myself, but other people who just get me.
  7. I'm a writer. Being able to put my thoughts somewhere and share it with you is the greatest.
  8. But Li.st is not just about me.
  9. All of you are so welcoming. We're a family here on Li.st.
  10. We have @bjnovak to thank for that.
    I couldn't not tag him, okay
  11. But more importantly, I want to thank each and every one of you for including the girl that never felt like she belonged.
  12. For creating a safe place for us to word vomit in list form, and to form friendships that are great.
  13. I can't even explain to you how awesome it felt to meet @amieshmamie who was the first person to talk to me on Li.st.
  14. Or to hug @mallofamanda and know that everything was going to be okay.
    I got lost twice on the way to the meet-up and on top of that I was terrified to read my lists, but something about this chick comforted me so much. ☺️
  15. Or being star struck by @marymurphy only to have that "duh" moment where I realized she's just a regular human being.
  16. Li.st surrounds us with an incredible community and opportunity to express ourselves and be 100% who we are.
  17. And that's what Li.st means to me.
  18. It's just Li.st