Kyron has been missing from June 4th 2010-present. He was abducted at 7 years old.
  1. Kyron was kidnapped from his school science fair in Portland. This little boy is so close to my heart.
    Kyron has been spotted in Washington, Virginia, and North Carolina.
  2. Kyron's parents believe his ex-step mother took him.
    She was the last one to see him, and took a picture of him. Eye witnesses saw her leave with him. She failed TWO polygraph tests.
  3. This is Kyron and his mom.
  4. This is what Kyron would look like now.
    He would be 13.
  5. If you see or hear anything, follow "Missing Kyron Horman" on Facebook and follow those instructions.
  6. Please help bring Kyron home. ❤️