In honor of his 49th birthday.
  1. He loved so deeply and unconditionally.
  2. He was different, and totally insecure of himself and his places in the world. He wasn't "different" to be "cool." He was a real person with real insecurities.
  3. He never judged anyone.
  4. He could go from screaming nonsense to singing something deeply profound within the same song.
  5. He was afraid. Afraid to love, and to be loved. He fought against himself his whole life.
  6. He loved ABBA.
  7. He sold his entire record collection to see his favorite band, and that band changed his perception of music. Just like he did for me.
  8. He was not okay with who he was, be he was okay with that.
  9. That he died before I was born, and he still changed my life.
  10. Rest in peace, my angel.