Inspired by my queens: @marymurphy & @amieshmamie 💕
  1. Tea
    I just don't like it, okay?
  2. April Nardini from Gilmore Girls
    The real April fool.
  3. Pet cats, rats, snakes.
    Anything other than dogs, really.
  4. Mr. Pibb or Pepsi.
    No, I wanted Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb is not fine.
  5. Enos/Chaco's/Chevron/Monograms
    Anything that reminds me of Young Harris College.
  6. Taxidermy
    My dad has all the deer he's killed in our house, and I HATE IT.
  7. Game of Thrones
    Not for me.
  8. Starbucks
    Nope, not real coffee.
  9. Country Music
    Sorry, I can't
  10. Red meat
  11. Pretentious People
    Can't do it
  12. CS Lewis Books
    Not my cup of tea.
  13. Racists/Sexists/Homophobic People