1. Rock The Earth
    Really cool non for profit I LOVE. They send you on tours and help clean the earth. Saw them at the Foo Fighters.
  2. The Elephant Pants
    I looooove them, I got a pair of pants and this sticker and $1-$2 was donated to save the elephants.
  3. Rock Symbol
    Saw this on Amazon, most of my favorite bands are on it.
  4. Toms
    Do I need to explain?
  5. Polaroid
    One of my many Polaroids. Love Sophia
  6. Day of the Dead Skull
    Saw this at Spencer's. Wanted it. I also have an air freshener in my car with the same skull.
  7. The Used
    Got this as a gift. I love The Used! It's falling apart though :(
  8. Matt McAndrew
    Got this at a concert, Matt McAndrew is pretty good.