Inspired by @nikkilounoel & @justjills 💕
  1. It's short for Katherine.
    Katherine feels too girly to me.
  2. People never spell it right.
    It's Katiee. What's so difficult about an extra 'e'?
  3. I can't ever decide if I want to shorten it to Kate, keep Katiee, or some other variation.
    I'm 20, Katiee will soon sound too young of a name for me, according to my family.
  4. My whole family calls me Katiee Rose, and some other nick names stemmed off of that.
    Rose is my middle name. I don't mind this sometimes, but it's all around so girly.
  5. People never pronounce it right after they read the two 'e's.
    After they say Katiee regularly, they start saying, "Katieeee"