1. When a Nirvana song comes on.
    If you know me, you know my deep obsession with all things Cobain.
  2. When I'm pretending to be Jessica Day.
    But is it really pretending?
  3. When I'm shooting.
    Taking pictures, behind & in front of the camera. Aesthetic chasing.
  4. Singing in a chorus.
    I miss this more than I could ever explain.
  5. When I'm describing my favorite show/movie to someone.
    I can't, my emotions consume me. I start excitedly babbling until someone stops me.
  6. In the classroom.
    If I could get paid to be a student, that would be my best job.
  7. When I'm writing.
  8. With my dog.
    I just love him so much. That wittle face 😍