1. Getting Up
    Do I have to? I have to be the first one up. What if I wake someone up? Help?
  2. Eating Breakfast
    I'm really not that hungry. I'll just have some coffee, but only one cup because I saw on TV that more than one cup is bad for you. Two cups, okay, two cups but NO more...
  3. Going to Work/School
    Oh gosh I do NOT want to be the last one in the room, I better leave an hour early.
  4. Eating Lunch
    You know, I probably shouldn't be eating this. Oh well, I'm hungry but wait didn't someone once tell me this type of bread is bad for me? I think I better just pick the bread off. Okay. Lettuce it is then, it's kind of like a salad... Oh gosh maybe I'll just go pick something up on my way home...
  5. Eating Dinner
    Gosh I'm SO hungry... I hope I don't run into anyone I know, I hate small talk so much.. I'll just wear this hoodie and it'll be fine..
  6. Going to Bed
    What was that? Who's there? What if I die? What if tomorrow I get in a wreck or fall on my face or what if something happens to my dog? I love my dog. I need to sleep. But... What if I fall asleep and someone comes to get me? No. Sleep. Everything is fine.