Aside from relationships, there are some things to discuss.
  1. I'm worried that Rory settled for a career she didn't want to be in.
    Rory never wanted to be a teacher, she wanted to travel the world and be a journalist. However, she'd be one hell of a teacher, so we'll see how this goes.
  2. I'm worried that Lorelai lets Luke make the executive decisions in their relationship.
    Because of April, who will never be out of Luke's life, Luke called the shots. Lorelai is not the kind of person to back down, and I hope she stands her ground with him.
  3. I'm worried that Kirk has hurt himself in some dangerous way.
    As always.
  4. I'm worried that Logan and his friends are still going to be around Rory making her participate in activities that aren't the best.
    Like stealing a yacht (even if that was Rory's idea.) I hope the life and death brigade is more mature, since they're in ever episode.
  5. I'm worried that Jess is unhappy, and has possibly fallen backwards with his life.
    He was doing well when we left him, but now that he's back around the Hollow I really just hope he's doing okay. #TEAMJESS
  6. I'm worried that Sookie and Lorelai aren't super BFFS anymore.
    Sookie has growing children, Lorelai has Luke and her career... There's not a lot of time to share between these too. Plus, Sookie came late in the game to the show, so I don't know how much she's in it.
  7. I'm worried that April is going to be around, or talked about too much.
    Please just no.
  8. I'm worried about Dean.
    Honestly, I loooove Jared okay, but Dean is super annoying the older he gets. If he and Rory have found some solid friendship, fine. But I don't want him around gumming up the works.
  9. I'm worried about Logan.
    Okay, so maybe I am worried about guys a little. Logan is too immature, and I really don't want him hanging around Rory 24/7 unless they figured things out. But that brings me back to Rory settling...
  10. I'm worried about what it's going to be like without Richard.
  11. All and all, I'd rather be in Philadelphia.
    I just hope ASP doesn't let us down, and I mean, she never has. (Also Richard said that when he was in the hospital in case you missed it)