1. This is Rhett.
  2. This is Rhett's best friend, Link.
  3. Rhett's mom is my great aunt Diane.
  4. Rhett supports his wife and kids through his YouTube shows with Link.
  5. They have gathered quite a huge following.
  6. So much so that 99% of the time people don't believe me when I say Rhett's my cousin.
  7. However, I do receive his family's Christmas cards every year, and have several things around my house Rhett-related.
  8. Thing is, Rhett isn't a super-famous youtuber to me.
    And trust me, I fan girl over my favorite youtubers.
  9. He's just my very talented great-cousin.
  10. Who's had Daniel Radcliffe on his morning show.
    ... No big
  11. Here's some things I just found that I have that have to do with Rhett:
  12. Check out Rhett & Link. They're super talented and funny. Their morning show Good Mythical Morning, and their podcast Ear Biscuits, are my favorite.
  13. And that's all folks.