Among other things.
  1. So tonight my boyfriend and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.
  2. We then proceeded to get into a disagreement.
    *I don't even remember what the disagreement was about.
  3. However, every time I tried to talk to him a random mariachi band started playing.
  4. So finally we decided to sit there until the musicians had finished.
  5. Once I was 100% sure they were done, I opened my mouth to speak...
  6. And the mariachi band walks over to us and starts playing to just the two of us.
  7. At this point my face is a bright shade of red.
  8. Finally, the band finishes and I raise my arms to clap...
  9. And I knock my water on the lead singer of the mariachi band.
  10. That, my friends, is why my life should be a sitcom.