This is my first time. Be gentle.
  1. SLEEPING -- Unless I'm already asleep, I definitely wish I was. Even while eating which brings me to #2...
  2. EATING DESSERT -- If I'm awake, I want to be eating a cookie... Or pie with ice cream. Or just the ice cream. Birthday cake is always nice too.
  3. PLAYING WITH A PUPPY (or puppies) -- The one is just an example. Any puppy will do. Though this one, named Michelle, is pretty darn cute. I especially love daschund puppies. They have silky ears.
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  4. POPPING MY HUSBAND'S PIMPLES -- It's a very special and unique form of joy.
  5. IN-APP PURCHASES -- For a month I was addicted to 'Kim Kardashian's Hollywood' and spent over $500 buying cute clothes and feuding with Willow Pape. I've deleted the app but oh do I want to go to there.