1. In early May I was driving home from university with my mom and my grandma
  2. We stopped at a rest stop a few hours from home and I walked straight in to the bathroom
  3. My mom came in after me and said "Do you know who you just walked by?"
    I assumed it was a family friend or just an acquaintance or something...nothing special
  4. "You just walked right by Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson" she said
    Two of the most important Canadian writers of all time!!!!
  5. I couldn't believe that they were at the same rest stop at the same time as us and I couldn't believe I walked right by rhem
    Fuck fuck fuck I will never forgive myself!!!
  6. My mom said when she saw them she stopped open-mouthed and awkwardly said something like "Hi...I own an independent bookstore...thank you...thank you!" as they walked by
  7. This encounter promptly reminded me that I had yet to read any of Margaret Atwood's novels so I quickly picked up my mom's old copy of The Handmaid's Tale and read it!
    I can't really call myself a Canadian book-loving feminist without having read it - it was terrifying and great of course!
  8. I will spend the rest of my life waiting for my next chance to run into her and maybe tell her this uneventful story!