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  1. My parents.
    Who are supportive and comforting and constantly full of love.
  2. Something one of my 8th graders said about me yesterday
    "Have you even seen who you're talking about? You just can't do any better than her." ❤
  3. Drive time
    Time to think. To sing. To clear my head.
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I know. You'll probably do at least half of these anyway. It's okay. We've all been there.
  1. Stalking his social media.
    He's recently been tagged in pictures with pretty girls. He went to your favorite bar/restaurant without you. You don't actually want to see that. Pretend he's at home and crying a lot. Don't check. Trust me.
  2. Re-reading the cute text messages he sent you two months ago.
    He did say those things. He most likely meant them. That doesn't change the way things are now. It will ultimately just make you sad.
  3. Asking his friends about him.
    They're definitely texting him to say that you asked. And you, my powerful, independent, butterfly, (as far as he is concerned) are over it. Don't give him the satisfaction.
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  1. Jim Halpert
    Probably television's best man of all time.
  2. Andy Dwyer
    Life would never be dull. Plus he would love the crap outta you.
  3. Dean Winchester
    You'd probably end up dead, but let's be honest it would soooo be worth it.
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  1. Winston Bishop calling himself "Prank Sinatra" even though he sucks at pranks.
  2. The fact that Ben just pretends to understand the Lil Sebastian obsession.
  3. Mose Schrute. Literally everything about Mose Schrute.
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A significantly more eclectic list than I realized.
  1. The guy who loves his car (probably more than he loves you).
    Pros: The car was actually cool. Knew his way around more than one type of engine (insert wink here). A little dangerous. Cons: A little dangerous. My mother hated him. He liked to spread his skills around to a generous section of the female populous.
  2. The guy who plays a lot of video games.
    Pros: He sincerely adored me. He made an effort to get to know my friends. Was a bomb kisser. Cons: Was constantly broke. Lazy. My mother hated him. My dad hated him. Eventually liked smoking weed more than he liked doing anything else.
  3. The teenage boy who has absolutely no rules at home and loves cheap beer.
    (disclaimer: I was also a teenager at the time of said relationship). Pros: He was hot as hell. Worked hard for his money, and proudly paid for dates with it. Knew how to have a good time. As good a kisser as he was at everything else. Cons: Serious commitment phobia (though to be fair he was 17 and I think is married now). Knew how to have (too much of) a good time. Liked to "keep his options open".
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  1. When you don't reply to my text in a timely manner.
    You have a maximum of one hour to text me back unless someone has died, your phone was drowned, texting me back would risk losing your job, or you have no service and it's literally impossible.
  2. Buying bread and milk.
    Never in my life has a trip to the grocery store because "we just need bread and milk" been a pleasant experience. Also almost always end up coming home with eight million dollars worth of groceries (and possibly no bread/milk).
  3. People that try to take ownership of things I love. (Primarily books and/or television shows).
    "You don't know more than I do. If we have this argument I will destroy you. I'm not even being a dick, just looking out for your well being. Because I am weird-obsessed with a lot of shit. Either trust me or remember that you asked for this."
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What up, punks? 😉
  1. My name is Katie and I look like this.
  2. I'm a television junkie.
  3. Literature addict.
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  1. The Great Gatsby
    Everything about this beautiful masterpiece lights up my soul.
  2. Sam&Dean Winchester
    Theirs is my very favorite love.
  3. Peach flavored tea
    Nectar of the gods
8 more...
  1. Finished a novel. It needs a stellar amount of work, and polishing, but I finished a draft.
  2. I have read, studied, and taught Hamlet. And it changed my life.
  3. I fell in love with a handful of fictional characters, all of whom touched my soul.
5 more...
  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Just...what do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Adulthood doesn't mean you can't still decide, or not have decided already. Learn. Grow. Dream.
  2. What's there to be scared of?
    Fucking everything, honestly. But at least ask me so I can feel like I don't need to be afraid.
  3. Did you ask if you could have/do that?
    Make ALL the humans in your life have to be accountable for their actions. I know a handful of adults who could benefit from a little call-to-mind once in a while.