Random lines from an old notebook I stumbled upon.
  1. Levi laid out snow angels on the coffee table and diced them up with a credit card. He pushed them into single file lines and they waited, like patient toy soldiers, to teach us to fly.
    Piece of a short story that didn't turn out quite right.
  2. I used to be me. Before I loved you.
  3. "You and I were one of the few things, perhaps the only thing, that ever made total and complete sense in my life."
    This is actually a quote from Pacey Witter. But I wrote it down. Because it might be (the paraphrased version of) my favorite line from any relationship in the history of time.
  4. He was beautiful in the sort of way that life is beautiful; in that, sometimes he was truly kind of a mess, but you never stopped wanting him around.
  5. I wanted to borrow his brain the way I borrowed his books.
  6. Ironically, or maybe karmically, he always considered Riley to be much liked the rain. The way she moved, spoke. Hey entire existence really. Sorry or fierce. Quiet or pounding. But beautiful. Always, always beautiful.
    A murdered darling that's not that great in retrospect.