Running TV Jokes I Love

  1. Winston Bishop calling himself "Prank Sinatra" even though he sucks at pranks.
  2. The fact that Ben just pretends to understand the Lil Sebastian obsession.
  3. Mose Schrute. Literally everything about Mose Schrute.
  4. Everytime they mock David's height on Roseanne.
  5. Jerry's constant artistic talent.
  6. Dean's always playing scissors in rock-paper-scissors.
  7. That everyone thinks Haley's poncho is ugly, and they all bring it up in front of her.
  8. Jim's Halloween costume aversion.
  9. The chicken shirt that is never actually acknowledged as a joke.
  10. The fact that Jerry's favorite vacation spot is Muncie, Indiana.
  11. Burt Macklin