"Suga, suga, how'd ya get so fly..."
  1. Dresses like Dean Winchester.
  2. Plays the guitar. Could be badly, maybe sings off key. But gives it the ole college try.
  3. Likes to listen to me read aloud, and sometimes even tolerates when it's Joyce or Fitzgerald instead of fun stuff like Harry Potter.
  4. But also Harry Potter.
    Not necessarily a super fan, but doesn't mock. Can appreciate the brilliance.
  5. Can quote and/or recognize references from at least half of my shows and movies.
  6. Likes to hang out with my dad, but not like... excessively.
  7. Knows how to fix shit. (I.e. sinks or gutters)
    Do gutters break?
  8. Makes coffee up to my standards, and can get the hang of my creamer to caffeine ratio.
  9. Hates jalapenos, or at least pretends to, or doesn't love them so I don't have to cook them into shit. Gross.
  10. Can do that thing where you open a non-twist top beer with his hand and the edge of a table or something.
  11. Re watches my favorite shows with me.
  12. Never wears flat billed caps on principle.
  13. Has boots that actually get dirty and serve a purpose.
  14. Is really good at high fives.
  15. Gives me piggy back rides when I get drunk and struggle with walking.
  16. Is a bomb kisser.
  17. Gets along with my mom.
    Pretty sure this one isn't optional. Ask my mom.