1. When you don't reply to my text in a timely manner.
    You have a maximum of one hour to text me back unless someone has died, your phone was drowned, texting me back would risk losing your job, or you have no service and it's literally impossible.
  2. Buying bread and milk.
    Never in my life has a trip to the grocery store because "we just need bread and milk" been a pleasant experience. Also almost always end up coming home with eight million dollars worth of groceries (and possibly no bread/milk).
  3. People that try to take ownership of things I love. (Primarily books and/or television shows).
    "You don't know more than I do. If we have this argument I will destroy you. I'm not even being a dick, just looking out for your well being. Because I am weird-obsessed with a lot of shit. Either trust me or remember that you asked for this."
  4. Humans who try to make other humans feel inferior.
    Go to hell, seriously. You're not that cool.
  5. When you're a teenage girl and you get roped into watching teenage boys play video games.
    I recall this happening to me like ten years ago, and just fucking hating it. Why am I here if you don't want to pay any attention to me? I could definitely be doing better things.
  6. This conversation:
    "What do you teach?" "High school English." "Ugh. Oh God, I hated English!" .... REALLY STEVEN, WELL YOUR CAREER MAKES ME WANT TO BARF TOO.
  7. Anxiety.
    I hate it and it pisses me off. Why do people have to feel this shitty emotion?